Make a profit with the newbie care formula in the wheel of fortune.

Roulette formula that anyone who still invests or has never profited from playing at all online casino games, this article we will introduce some tips for playing easy and profitable online care from home or by yourself. Because during this covid-19 crisis, you can play online roulette at any time via your mobile phone or computer that you have,

allowing you to play all the time. It sounds difficult, but it has many ways to play. The type that is interesting to follow is not just a replacement for numbers and waiting to win just 36 times the money.

This game will use the technique of Statistical + Probability + How to choose to bet The mind to bet on each other game such as slots, cabinets, horses, which do not know what will come out and have nothing to refer to. But for playing roulette for money, it can be a bit difficult to guess, but there are techniques that can help you make money

and in this article we will recommend how to play online roulette that will make you money without a second. Let’s see First you must understand the stakes in Formula roulette, where before there were five ways

how to play roulette 1 favorite number. It is the most popular form of betting on numbers wherein the player bets on a total of 37 numbers based on the numbers on the roulette board. Numbers according to numbers in the roulette board from 0-36 by

composing that number must choose the desired number. Which can choose as many numbers, but if the favorite is right, you can get the bet and get up to 36 times as well

Method 2 How to play roulette with black or red favorites It is another popular betting style and the colors are divided according to this: black is an even number. red will be odd which will issue any number which has all the money And if selected according to the color and get a bet of one time

Method 3 ways to play in odd or even numbers For this format, there is a The simple formula for newbies to bet on is that they are divided into even and odd numbers, allowing us to choose according to their needs easily, similar to high and low, which receives one bet.

Method 4, how to play with high or low bets . It is a form of betting that is quite difficult to explain. The low numbers are 1-18 and the high numbers are 19-36. You have to choose whether you betrayal or low.

Method 5 How to play in a favorite zone This format is a form of betting that is a bit difficult. For newbies, because it is divided into 3 zones, that is, 1-3 zones, that is, each zone has 12 numbers, numbers from 1-36 are the 1st zone from 1-12, the 2nd zone from 13-24, the 3rd zone. From 25-36, which will choose to bet as told, if correct, will

receive 2 times the bet amount and this is the rule that you can choose to bet from this game.

Of course, you can choose any bet that we recommend in 5 different ways or mix all and bet in one game, but for all bets I do not recommend because if you bet randomly, it will make you insolvent easily. As well, it’s important that you have a technique and

have statistics that can be used as probabilistic statistics and then placing bets will help you have a better chance of winning.