Selling online must know 4P marketing

strategies. Online marketing strategies. Who said it is not important? If you want our shop Sell ​​well with the product itself Don’t have to wait to buy ads. We need to have a good marketing plan. A highly popular online marketing strategy. Can be used with

both products or services is a 4P marketing strategy. Today we will get to know each other what is 4P? How can I use it to plan my sales?

What is a marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is planning, determining marketing strategies. Determined to create products or services to meet the needs of the target group as much as possible When the target group is satisfied with the product/service There will be forex trading going on.

There are many types of marketing strategies to choose from to apply to our products or services. Today we will introduce a very popular marketing strategy. And it is generally accepted that is the 4P marketing strategy.

4P Marketing Strategy

4P or Marketing Mix is ​​a marketing mix used to plan, analyze, and market with the main goal of making the target audience satisfied with the product/service. In order to achieve trading, both 4P are caused by the following ingredients:

• Product

• Price

• Place

• Promotion

try to plan a market with 4P to help us plan. market analysis Determine the direction of our business more clearly.


P The first product is the product / service that we offer to customers. by our products / services must be satisfied Meet the needs of our goals as much as possible First of all, we need to know what our customers want? Once we know the market demand Bringing goods/services To offer to customers, it will be easier.

In terms of Product, it does not mean only the product itself, it also includes factors that will help promote our products to meet the needs of customers more such as

• Product quality and product features. in accordance with the price Suitable for life

• Different products. The strengths of our products will add value to our products as well.


P The second price is the price of the product/service. Another important aspect of marketing strategy. is to set the price of the product to suit the product Suitable for the purchasing power of the target audience as much as possible in order to achieve the highest sales

The price setting of products/services There are three main pricing methods:

1. Pricing based on surveys of other stores in the market that sell the same product.

2. Pricing based on cost + desired profit.

3. Set the price according to the market demand. There are few products, few competitors, high demand. The price will be more expensive. On the other hand, very product less demand The price will be lower.


P The third place is the place or distribution channel. In online sales, it will be the Platforms that we choose to sell products. so that our target audience can access the product as easily as possible At present, there are sales channels, including selling through personal websites, selling via social media such as Facebook, LINE or selling

through Shopee, Lazada. Online sellers can choose which distribution channels can be considered based on:

• Age, gender of the target group. Must know which online channel most of the target audience uses primarily

• Cost of using Platforms to sell products such as advertising costs, consignment fees, etc.

• Shipping costs such as parcel delivery fees, box fees, etc.

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P, the fourth P, the last P is Promotion. Many people can’t hear this word at all. You must hurry to buy only! But promotion is the marketing strategy that not only means reducing the cost premiums it only buy 1 get 1

Promotion is also a means of promotion such as advertising, publishing man by the Board. Online store deposit These we call it a promotion.

All of these are online marketing strategies that merchants can adapt to both the product or service they wish to offer to their customers. We can use 4P to help plan and analyze the market direction. The first time we started to adjust the marketing

strategy. May not be in place. Keep adjusting. We will have a marketing plan that is suitable for our products.