Selling online must know! 5 techniques to attract customers to your website

when you have a website or an online store that is ready to sell to you 24 hours a day. “Get customers to your store” Did you know that there are tools in the online world? And there are many techniques that will help guide people to your website. Do you want to know what techniques are there? Try reading this article. Then you will know how to sell online on the website. It’s not as difficult as you think.

1. Make a website to rank on Google with SEO.

Why do SEO? Nowadays, when people have certain needs or are having problems Where will they find the information they need? Of course, everyone will say in unison, “Google it! “

How good would it be if your website was the first? what the group saw.. If you want to turn those people into your customers. All you have to do is do SEO to push your website to the top of the Google Search

results of website surveys. Advancedwebranking Shows that the majority of the concert’s information and products on Google typically selected sites ranked first at 34%, second 16% and third 10% (results of this survey does not count the ads Google Ads)

there. means that If your website doesn’t do SEO, it’s difficult for customers to see your website. The

basics of good SEO starts with keywords so that customers can see or come to your website. It’s important to choose keywords when you use keywords that match your customer’s search query. There is a chance that your website will be listed on Google Search.

When your website ranks on the first page Or the top of Google, your website will get more traffic and people will click regularly.

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2 people to the site with Social media

for online stores Social media is a tool that allows your brand to be known. make many people remember you and help promote sales to the business In Thailand, there are 51 million social media users, allowing us to find a large number of customers in social media.

So how do we get people from social media to go to an online store?

Step 1 Enter the details in your profile. Because what’s the first thing your followers see when they visit your page? What a profile! The section that is suitable for showing details of the business. You just have to put your online store’s website into it. Many customers who follow you can click to your website.

Step 2 Bring your blog to post on social media. If you have an article about a product Or new news written on a blog, you can post it on social media for people to click to read as well.

Step 3 Choose the appropriate time to post to help people visit the website more. For Social media like Facebook will have various statistics. Let us look at it for analysis. including the behavior of our customers We can see when most of our page’s children

are on Facebook. This will increase your chances of seeing the post. and click to go to our website

Step 4 Get more involved with the page’s customers. When your page visitors are interested in the product. may come in the form of comments or come to chat You can send the product link to the customer’s favorite page. Press to view products or more details

Step 5 Advertise on Social media – Advertising on social media will help you reach more customers. But advertising to promote a website is different from promoting a general post in that Ads are charged per click instead.

Step 6 Engage your posts with Call to action – Captions in content. You can write to convince or stimulate the reader’s interest Before putting a link for your customers to read more. You may end with the words “Click here… to read more” or “If you are interested in the product. Order now here” with a link to the page at the end of the sentence

Step 7 for Facebook if your fan page is in the online store category. You can post products on the fan page and choose the Call to action button “Buy on the website” or “Pay on the website”. Now you can sell items for 24 hours!

Advertising on Social media for Facebook, we can choose Call to action that will be displayed under our post as well.

3. Send letters to special customers with Email Marketing

Email Marketing, a marketing tool that many people overlook. But did you know that Email Marketing is the ultimate marketing technique to retain the best customers? And it can take your customers to the best website as well.

The highlight of using Email Marketing is that you can reach your own customers directly. used for sending news or offer various promotions to close the sale immediately You can also submit articles. About the product or special privileges for

customers to build a good relationship And turn regular customers into regular customers

to do Email Marketing to be effective. The main thing you need is

Subject line – The key to generating traffic for your website and demonstrating success in email marketing is the “subject” because the first thing your customers will see when they check their emails is the “subject line.” The subject line of the email is writing an engaging subject line. And it’s clickable, so it’s very important. The secret formula for

writing an engaging subject line is [ number or question + noun + keyword + result ]. People like to see ”

the Call To Action – When you make Email Marketing goal is to draw people into the site. Including the link in the image alone can make the person opening the email unaware that the image is clickable. Confused about how to proceed? The only thing

that will get people to your website is a call to action. For example, “Click now!” “View product details” or “Inquire for more information”.

Content – ​​The content of the email that will guide the reader. Or your customers click on Call to action. Good content should use attractive keywords. It is interesting, interesting, and arouses the reader’s curiosity. It takes only 2 seconds for people to

open an email. To decide whether to read your email or not. Therefore, you should not write at length, making it compact and easy to read as possible

Visuals (photo) – Whether it’s before you decide to buy one. would like to see a picture of the product first Illustrations are therefore the most important thing for an online store. You should include product images in your email marketing as well. An attractive illustration can attract customers to click. Or buy products on your website as well.

(may make content about product photography or decorate a product image Let’s add more after this)

Good email marketing will give your customers action on the emails you send. whether interested in promotions Or come to see new products that we recommend, you should choose an Email Marketing service provider who has expertise, understands your business and can be well designed, beautiful to create a good image of your brand.

4. Get on the first page of Google immediately with Google Ads.

What is Google Ads? So why do we have to.. Google Ads Search Advertising has the same purpose as SEO, which is to keep your website on the first page of Google. But it will take some time to be ranked. Advertising Google Ads will instantly put your website on the first page of Google, suitable for online selling websites. Billing is based on the number of times people click on your website only.

98% of people searching for an online store or business Choose to click on the website that is on the first page. Google Ads advertising will instantly put your website on the first page! You can also precisely define your target audience, area, keyword, and ad period. Suitable for businesses that want to generate sales such as an online store like you.

“66% of people who click on ads Be the person who wants to buy a product.”

Google Ads ads are not only Google Search, but also many tools to generate sales. and make your online store more known Learn more about advertising Google Ads in the article What is Google Ads?

5. Turn any general store into an expert with a blog.

blogging Many people wonder what it has to do with online selling websites? Blogging is like sharing experiences. knowledge sharing with a friendly feeling Easier to reach a reader than an official article. Or read it and feel that it intends to sell.

So what will our shop benefit from blogging?

The first thing you will get from blogging is to increase traffic to your website, customers who have certain problems or needs. Need information before purchasing a product will come to the blog on your website If you write your blog according to SEO principles, your blog can rank on Google as well.

for example If your online store sells running sports shoes. Writing articles about jogging Or recommend shoes to suit people who exercise. To educate customers or other readers It gives readers the impression that our brand is an expert. reliable Not just a general running shoe store.

If the articles we write are of quality Very informative, useful, readers who like your article. Can be shared on social media and help your brand to be known more.

These are the techniques that online sellers should learn, try, and develop for their business marketing campaigns. As your online store becomes more well known Your website can continue to generate sales for you.