Small but mighty business

Even if the business is just starting out But if entrepreneurs can make a difference Initiate new innovations to sell and serve new customers Compared to a business that has been operating for a long time It will be able to operate stably and be able to compete with businesses that have been open for a long time as well.

Advantages of starting a new business


  1. New business to new markets. As entrepreneurs have the initiative to develop new businesses, the result of creativity may be “new customers” in the market. By which businesses can attract new customers. to be able to use the service This means that

entrepreneurs do not have to worry about fierce competition for market shares as much as businesses that have entered into a market with many competitors.

2. Measure the ability of the operator A business that no one has ever tried Or a new innovative business (Innovation) that probably does not have an example or someone who has direct experience in the operation for entrepreneurs to consult or use a model as a guideline in doing business. But that’s also one of the advantages. Because

businesses that are even similar Having the same target customers starting over in the same market, they all have to start from the same point, without having the advantage of a higher learning curve. It is a true measure of the entrepreneur’s ability to manage work, plan various strategies, etc.

3. Easy to introduce new things to develop the organization Small to Small Startup Businesses Of course, there must be a business structure that is not as complex as a long-established and large business. Presenting new ideas (Ideas) to develop the company. It doesn’t have to go through multiple levels of feedback, known as

Bureaucratic processes, making organizational movements easier. Even if there is a need to change the plan, it can be done quickly. Just in time In addition, the users themselves also get more flexibility in using the service.

4. More opportunity to lead the market Of course, entrepreneurs who start new businesses first and have the ability to run that business. to be successful before other entrepreneurs It is more likely to be the market leader in new products and services. have the power to try with more partners, etc.

business whether new or old If there is good management in every aspect, it can be successful and able to operate business sustainably. Equivalent to a business that has been around for a long time or a company that has a larger “capital” is another factor that is important to doing business. from the start of the business as well as the

operation and expansion of the business to grow Therefore, in addition to the skills in the management of entrepreneurs Capital management skills are also a top priority. in business ever by knowing how to choose the right capital from the source of funds

suitable for the conditions that the business needs It is a skill that entrepreneurs should study and understand.