The key to marketing today

The most talked about marketing trend this year is “data-driven marketing.” In the past, online advertising almost nobody talked about “data” or data. Most of them were talking about the use of different tools, but today we talk. To almost everyone, that’s

because data helps marketers know and understand consumer behavior much better than ever.

Today, every activity, whether it’s interests, history, buying behaviors or services. Being on any platform can collect almost all

data, called data, is the key to everything until the concept of data-driven marketing, which I would like to explain in a simple way.

“E-commerce” plays a more important role. But marketing will not be the same anymore because data makes it possible to attract people who see the advertisement to buy that product or service immediately, which the former marketing cannot do.

Today, it’s common for people to just see the ad, press the buy button, and pay right away. That’s all, it’s all over The product will be delivered to the front of the house. You will see that the way of thinking has changed completely because data allows us to

know how many times people will see the ad. How many times will someone click? And how many times will people buy our products?

Increased consumer experience by combining data with marketing or advertising planning.

In this era, you need information and use it to your advantage. because everything can be calculated in numbers predictable Every point of advertising media in this era is related to data. In the

future, you won’t be able to avoid online marketing budgets like advertising on Facebook, YouTube, LINE, IG, Twitter, etc. So I would like to recommend those who are business owners. Or as an executive that following you would need to request some information with the team more.

For example, if you have already paid for the advertisement for this product. How many people are expected to view this ad? How many clicks will there be? How much do you expect to sell? Or will the product be sold online at all?

These information can be told in advance. You should know these things. To give advice to the team in planning more effectively At least you can catch up with your own minions more.

In the future, tailor-made marketing is not a mass marketing that everyone has to know about our products. But just our goal to know us is enough.

Online marketing data will make customer targets more accurate. It is a niche marketing. and will begin to enter the market to clearly identify the customer group so that they can only see our products

Marketing that lets everyone know you won’t work anymore. when he is not your customer It’s better to fight to advertise with real target customers.

data will make everything clearer. Both save the budget and be more efficient.

This is online versatility, and data is the key to today’s online marketing planning, so if you’re a business owner or an executive, be sure to get to know the subject of data quickly. Starting late is better than not starting at all.